Jay Amos has been a professional Gun Dog Trainer for 17 years and has owned Juniper Ridge Training Center for as long. He has also been a big game and upland bird hunting guide for as long. He has trained ALL types of bird dogs. Psychology and gentle break philosophy is used in all training. It's about the dog, the client and then the birds. We teach verbal, hand & whistle signals and customize commands for each dog/client team if needed. Jay also continues to breed select Brittanys and English Setters. He also has started and fully broke adult dogs for sale.

Jay is always willing to help each client and dog that comes their way, regardless of the situation. Finding a resolution to situations are what we are about as well as matching the right dog to each prospective dog owner, even if its not one of our own. The right fit is key to success in every match. Especially in families, since gun dogs become family members, its key to have everyone involved all the way down to the baby in the family, four legged or two legged.

A Happy Gun Dog means a Happy family!